Whether you want a personal website, an online shop to sell Ford Mustang parts including classic Mustang parts or a website for your artistic portfolio, one of your very first steps will be getting the right domain name.

While some will cost you just a few dollars, some domain names are hot property, changing hands for millions of dollars. Check out the most expensive domain names ever bought and sold.

The Most Expensive Domain Names Ever


First registered in 1994, Sex.com's ownership is a history of fraud and double-dealing with the domain name stolen and a five-year legal battle ensuing before it was returned to its rightful owner. In 2006 Escom Ltd bought it for a very pricey $13 million, but as one of our fundamental human drives you can see why it could be popular.

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The Most Expensive Domain Names Ever
This domain name was bought by two friends in 1999 for $7.5 million. When the internet bubble burst, they must have kicked themselves, but it turned out to be a very canny business decision. Eight years later, they sold the company, along with the domain name for $345 million. Not a bad return on investment! Sadly, most of us don’t have a few million to throw at a domain name.


Another sexy domain name in the top 5. The internet is used for a lot of valuable and educational pursuits, but only a fool would discount how popular pornography is online. Knowing that, it’s likely that Porn.com receives a lot of visitors. That might be why MXN Limited snatched it up in 2007. The company kept its cards close to its chest, refusing to name the exact cost of the domain, just that it was more than $9 million.

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Purchasing a popular domain name is not necessarily a guarantee of business success. Bought by Eastern Services group in 2011 for $9,999,950, Fund.com might be a poisoned chalice. The purchasing group was involved in shady dealings, and Fund.com ended up losing almost 99% of its previous revenue. Ouch!

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The Most Expensive Domain Names Ever
The number one entry was sold in 2009 for a whopping $16 million. Quin Street were the lucky buyers. With the necessity of insurance for all different kinds of markets, you can see why they wanted it, but the previous owners must be happy as clams!

Interestingly enough, these top 5 most expensive domain names are all single words and all .coms. Two of them are related to sex and three to business. It’s certainly food for thought.

Is this something that should inform your decisions when you register or buy a domain name for your business? After all, it seems to be where the big bucks are.