Google Penguin and Panda updates affected lots of bloggers and webmasters negatively. Google Penguin update was totally based on the link building techniques and affected the websites which were using the any kind of Black Hat SEO methods. But many people later claimed that their websites were penalized for no reason. Even though their SEO practices were correct, their ranking went down in the Google search engine.

One of the reason behind that was the negative SEO where websites were getting backlinks from poor quality websites and webmasters were not able to remove them. Earlier there was no method to get rid of those spammy links other than asking the webmaster to take them down. But now Google is providing a Disavow Link tool in the Google Webmasters tool where you can submit the links of the spammy websites giving backlinks and hurting your SEO ranking. Have a look at the video below in which Matt Cuts talks about the Google Disavow Links tool.

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The process of using the Google Disavow Links tool is really easy and consists of just few steps which are given below.

HOW TO : Use the Google Disavow Tool to Remove Poor Quality Backlinks to Your Website

1. First of all, prepare a list of all the spammy domains giving backlinks to your website.

2. Now, note them down on the Notepad, Notepad++ or other similar text editior, in the pattern given below.

3. Save the file in the .txt or .rtf format

4. Visit the Disavow Links tool in the Google Webmasters Tools by clicking on the link given below.

Click here to visit Google Disavow Links tool

5. Select the website from the dropdown menu for which you want backlinks to be removed and click on the "Disavow Links" button.

6. You will get a warning message on the next page about using the Disavow Links tool carefully to remove the spammy backlinks.

7. Click on the "Disavow Links" button again and a popup window will appear.

8. Now, click on the "Choose File" option, locate and upload the text file you have created in the previous steps.

9. Then click on the "Submit" and "Done" button.

You are all done. Now, Google will not relate any of these websites to your website and your Google SEO ranking will not be affected for their spam activities.

You can repeat the same steps whenever you find more poor quality websites giving backlinks to your websites. If your website was affected due to Google Penguin update then, removing poor quality backlinks will help in improving the SEO ranking of your website for sure.