HOW TO : Increase Your Internet Speed There are various ways to increase your internet connection speed. Here I am gonna tell you a simple and effective hack to increase the speed of your internet connection by using the Google's public DNS. Domain Name System (DNS) is a internet related database system that translates a computer’s fully qualified domain name into an IP address. ISP (Internet Service Provider) provide their DNS which are located at router to open a website. But sometimes the DNS of the ISP can be very slow which will cause in the slow loading of the website on your computer. You can solve this problem by replacing your ISP's DNS with Google's public DNS by using the hack given below.

HOW TO : Increase Your Internet Speed Connection For Faster Loading Of Websites

1. Go to START and the click on the Control Panel

2. Click on the Network Connections in Control Panel.

3. Just 'Right Click' on the Local Area Connection and then click on Properties

Now select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click on Properties

5. Now just select Use The Following DNS Server Addresses and type in Preferred DNS Server. Just below it, in Alternate DNS Server, type

6. Click on the OK button to save all the changes you just made. Now, you can enjoy the faster loading of the websites on your computer. Enjoy :)

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