Facebook is the biggest social networking site but it does not provide the facility of changing the theme or layout to its user. But now you can have awesome looking Facebook theme and layout easily.

Stylish is a Firefox addon which gives you the ability to change the Facebook themes and layout easily.

HOW TO : Change Facebook Themes Skins Layout

HOW TO : Change Facebook Themes, Skins And Layouts

1. First of all install the Sylish addon in your Firefox browser

Click Here To Install STYLISH Addon

2. Now login to your Facebook account

3. Go to the Facebook Themes Gallery by clicking on the link given below. And select the Facebook themes and layout which you want to use on your profile. You can install many Facebook themes together and can use one of them anytime by disabling others and enabling the desired theme from the Addon option of your Firefox browser toolbar


4. Click on “Install with Stylish” button after the selecting the new Facebook theme.

5. Now, check your Facebook profile. It will be having a new theme. Congrats :)

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