One of the most popular thing about Google is its logo and you can recognize the Google logo easily. Google keeps changing its logo as a dedication based on the events or a person on a particular date. But would not you love to have your name on the Google search engine?

Create Funny Logo let you make your own personal search engine based on Google with your name as the logo. All you need to do is simply type your name into the textbox and select your favorite logo style to create your own funny logo for your own Google search engine.

The best thing is that it uses the Google as the search engine to provide you the search results. So, you do not have to worry about the quality of the search results you will gget using this personalized search engine. The only difference will be that instead of the Google logo, your name will appear on the homepage of the search engine which you can flaunt to your friends.

HOW TO : Create Search Engine with Funny Logos of Your Name

1. Go to

2. Type your name in the textbox like I typed mine as shown in the below image. After that just select the logo style of any of the popular brand given in the list. Your name will appear in the logo style of that brand.

Since Twitter is my favorite social networking site, I selected my name to appear on the search engine logo in Twitter style.

Create Search Engine With Funny Logos Of Your Name

3. Now, you will find that Google search engine is available having your name is available with the logo style you have selected.

Create Search Engine With Funny Logos Of Your Name

4. You must copy and save the URL in your web browser's bookmark bar when your search engine is ready, to use this search engine later anytime you want.