iCloud is launched and Apple is accepting the sign up for iCloud. The best thing is that iCloud is also available for the Windows instead of Mac only. If you want to setup the iCloud on your Windows computer then, here is an easy tutorial for you. Just follow the steps given below and you will have the iCloud on Windows computer.

HOW TO : Setup iCloud On Windows Computers

1. The minimum configuration required for the iCloud on Windows is either a Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows 7. As you can see clearly, you can not setup iCloud on Windows XP.

HOW TO : Setup iCloud On Windows Computers

2. Now, download the iCloud Control Panel from the link given below.

Download iCloud Control Panel

3. After the installation of the iCloud Control Panel, go to the Control Panel --> Network and Internet --> iCloud

4. Enter your Apple credentials and select the iCloud services which you want to use and save it.

5. You can also enable the automatic downloads of the music, apps and books from iTunes account by going to iTunes –-> Edit –-> Preferences –-> Store. Just mark the things which you want to be download automatically.

Now, you can enjoy the iCloud on Windows :)