Our life is so busy and fast these days that remembering things to do at the right place and at the right time gets a bit difficult. That is why, there are lots of nice and feature-rich reminder and note taking apps are present. You can even use Facebook Messenger as a reminder app.

There are few location based reminder apps that perform some particular task or remind you about something when you are at a particular location. For example, Windows Phone’s Cortana also provide this feature of location based reminders.

There is similar feature available in iPhone as well with some extra and interesting perks. Using the iPhone’s location based reminder you can set reminder on your iPhone to receive when you get in the car or come out of it. But not many people know about it as this option is hidden in the reminder settings.

So if you are having an iPhone or Mac and you would like to set reminders to receive when get in the car or go out of it then, have a look on the below step-by-step guide. The only requirement here is that your iPhone need to be connected to your car via CarPlay or Bluetooth.

HOW TO : Receive iPhone Reminders When You Get In or Out of Car

1. Open the Reminders app on your Mac or iPhone

2. Create the task for which you would like get a reminder when you get in or out of your car.

3. Now tap on the “i” symbol right next to the task you have created.

HOW TO : Receive iPhone Reminders When You Get In or Out of Car

4. If you are using an iOS device like iPhone then, toggle the “Remind Me at a Location” option and if you are on Mac OS X then, select the “At a Location” checkbox.

5. Tap on the Location option on iOS devices or click the “Select a Location” option on Mac OS X, Now your device will show you location options that you can tag with your reminder.

HOW TO : Receive iPhone Reminders When You Get In or Out of Car

6. Select the “Getting in the Car” or “Getting Out of the Car” option depending on your choice.

7. You are done

That is all you needed to set a reminder on your iPhone or Mac based on whether you are entering into your car or getting out of it.