Live Videos are a huge craze right now and that is why every social app is integrating this in their services and trying to be better than the other apps.

Instagram started the live video feature under the Story few months back but unlike Periscope, there was no option to save the video broadcasted live on Instagram but now Instagram is bringing this feature to provide a better user experience.

If you are one of those guys using the Instagram Story for live broadcasting the videos, here is how to save the live videos once the broadcast is finished.

HOW TO : Save the Instagram Live Videos

1. Update your Instagram app to get the latest version of it.

2. Go to the Story tab and start broadcasting a video live to your followers.

3. To finish the broadcast, tap on the End button at the top right corner.

4. Once the broadcast is finished, at the same spot now a new Save button will appear with a download icon.

HOW TO : Save the Instagram Live Videos

5. Tap on the Save button and the video your broadcasted live on Instagram Story will be saved to the gallery or camera roll of your smartphone.

6. Now tap on the Done button and to exit the Instagram Story live video broadcast and check the gallery of your phone for the saved video.

The only drawback here is that you can save only the live videos you broadcasted. Any kind of live interactions on your Instagram live video like the comments, likes, number of viewers, who joined the live stream etc. will not be saved.

Also, for now this feature is available only on Android and Ios devices and currently available to few users in its first phase but will be soon available to all. The best way to check whether this feature is available to your or not is by following the above steps of how to save Instagram live videos