Today, over 90% GDP and innovations were found in campus. As the increasing number of wireless or IoT devices are connected in the campus network, the poor access experience not only reduces our productivity but also slows down our services roll-out and innovations.

Last month, Huawei unveiled its HiCampus solution globally in a London event. Powered by its pioneering 5G, optical transmission, and AI technologies, this solution provides enterprises with fully wireless access, optical connections, and intelligent services across their entire campuses, helping enterprises build next-generation networks with an improved user experience, lower power consumption, and faster service innovation.

Huawei's 5G-powered AirEngine Wi-Fi 6

What is Huawei HiCampus?

According to Mr. Qiu Heng, President of Global Marketing, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, this campus solution comes with the innovations including the 5G-powered AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 which enables fully wireless access across campuses; the Campus OptiX solution which delivers fully optical campus connections; and AI and the Horizon Digital Platform that allow fully intelligent campus O&M and services.

Application Scenarios of Huawei HiCampus:

At workplaces, people are doing more video conferencing and collaborations now. Classrooms are using video conferencing, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for educational purposes. AR and VR are being used in healthcare and employee training as well. As more video conferences are using 4K standard or even in multi-screen video mode, whether business or educational purpose, it requires a high bandwidth and low latency wireless network.

Huawei said the newly launch HiCampus solution in which the AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 products not only come with SPF ports for high-speed optical network communication, but also reduce the traditional copper-wired network complexity where lots of network switches are needed to be deployed. We can foresee such network will unusually have a lower power consumption. By leveraging the industry-leading wireless technologies, Huawei said its wireless data transmission is able to up to 10.775 Gbps, nearly twice of the industry Wi-Fi 6’s air interface rate.

Modern, efficient and immersive teaching and learning methods by AR/VR will be promoted using the Huawei AirEngine products. Students will shift from traditional textbooks and 2D learning contents to fully immersive interactive learning and they will transform their learning styles to get better results. It will help to make learning more engaging to students and institutions will be able to deliver quality educational resources to students even to those who live in the remotest areas and not able to be present physically to the classroom.

Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 Product Series

Optical Network:

Huawei Campus OptiX solution has helped more than 600 key industry customers in 40 countries efficiently deploy high-quality campus networks, fully enabling the digital transformation of various industries. The solution helps enterprise customers improve O&M efficiency by 80%, reduce power consumption by 30%, and support smooth network upgrades in the next 30 years.


In retail shops where they use the electronic shelf label (ESL) system to display product pricing on shelves from a central control server and if the pricing is not updated in real-time then, it can cause loss to the business. Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 with IoT and Wi-Fi convergence are tailor-made for these scenarios, allowing shopping malls, supermarkets, and smart campuses to deploy its IoT devices in fully connected, intelligent ways.

In some scenarios like warehouse or harbor terminals where automatic guide vehicles being deployed have special network requirements such as low latency and anti-interfere abilities to prevent accidents during operation. This is because Wi-Fi 6 enables a spatial reuse technique to improve system performance and spectrum resource utilization in dense deployment environments. Based on OFDMA technology, Wi-Fi 6 can identify overlapping Basic Service Set (BSSs) from adjacent APs and dynamically adjust the Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) threshold as well as transmit power to avoid interference.

Unmanned factories operated by autonomous robots are getting popular and Huawei AirEngine will increase their productivity and performance by helping intelligent robots to handle repetitive, and dangerous jobs.

Below is a video showing the features and benefits of Wi-Fi 6 over the Wi-Fi 5.

Wi-Fi 6 is capable of handling four times more network bandwidth and four times more users simultaneously compared to the previous generation Wi-Fi 5. It also reduces the average network latency from 30 milliseconds to 20 milliseconds providing faster and stable connectivity. Huawei said the latency of its AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 products is even lower (below 10 milliseconds). That makes its products especially suitable for devices with mission-critical communication requirements.

Currently, Huawei is leading globally in the Wi-Fi 6 technology and provides various related solutions. According to a report by Dell'Oro Group on global Wi-Fi 6 indoor AP market share from 2018 Q3 to 2019 Q3, Huawei is No. 1 in the Wi-Fi 6 market share (excluding North America).

Acting as the flag-bearer, Huawei launched the industry's first commercial Wi-Fi 6 product in 2017 and also worked for the deployment of the industry's first enterprise-class Wi-Fi 6 network in China in 2018.

What makes Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 different from other vendors?

AirEngine is Huawei's Wi-Fi brand for its enterprise-class Wi-Fi 6 products. According to Mr. Qiu Heng, the President of Global Marketing of Huawei Enterprise Businesses, there are few highlights that make it differentiate from other Wi-Fi 6 vendors:

- Unique 16T16R antenna that provides the industry's fastest 10 Gbps and higher speed for fiber-like experience

- More stable coverage and 20% wider coverage with the help of Smart antenna

- SmartRadio Dynamic Turbo feature to provide more stable applications performance such as virtual reality experience with no frame freezing

- SmartRadio to provide more stable roaming by fast connectivity for lossless roaming, ensuring service continuity

- AI-powered intelligent radio calibration to boost performance by 58% and ensure 100 Mbps speed everywhere

Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 Product Series

The Huawei ‘s latest AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 product series includes 10 new Wi-Fi 6 Access Point models, covering both indoor and outdoor application scenarios. These products were launched under three different series - AirEngine 8700, AirEngine 6700, and AirEngine 5700.

These new AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 products are designed and developed to significantly improve network experience in the following scenarios:

• High-density Terminal Access scenarios - Office, conference rooms, stadiums, and public gathering venues, airport terminals, and public transport stations

• High-definition (HD) Video Application scenarios - Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 4K/8K video conferencing

• Campus-wide Mobile Production - Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) or robots

• IoT and Wi-Fi Convergence scenarios - Shopping malls, supermarkets, and smart campuses

• Outdoor Public Network Service - Public plazas and streets

But that's not all. Huawei also provides a Horizon Digital Platform in which when used with its AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 products, CloudEngine switches, Huawei OptiX access and Huawei OptiX Star all-optical access, the AI and big data’s abilities can offer intelligent, green, user-friendly, high-bandwidth campus networks.

Huawei HiCampus Features

Huawei's HiCampus solution is fully optical fiber-based and it uses the campus switch with the highest density of 100G that is the six times of the industry average. It is capable of providing 40 km long-distance coverage with magnetic-proof, anti-corrosion, and energy-saving fiber optics.

Huawei's Horizon Link decouples software from hardware in the low current systems, enables service innovation, and reduces overall costs for the campus networks. HiCampus provides precise fault locating within minutes and recovery within 10 minutes to keep the service uninterrupted.

For campus networks, Huawei's HiCampus with AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 is the best solution currently available and it will help in resolving whatever problems people face with campus networks.

Today, Huawei has submitted a total of 240 Wi-Fi 6 technical proposals so far, more than any other Wi-Fi device vendor. So obviously, Huawei has more experience and knowledge of the technology. Huawei's HiCampus is the perfect solution for various sectors including digital education, digital airport, finance, smart healthcare, smart government, and smart manufacturing, etc. that can be benefited hugely with Huawei HiCampus.