Designed to provide an immersive experience with superb clarity and colour, and dynamic sound, Panasonic’s premium 4K LED TV brings the action right into the living room. They vividly reproduce the colours of uniforms, the hues of players’ skin, and even grass texture on the field.

A long-term Official partner for the Olympic Movement, providing solutions for live transmission of the Olympic games to all countries globally through its audio and video equipment, Panasonic also brings the best technology to viewers watching the game at their homes.  

Panasonic's JX850 Series 4K LED TV

Panasonic’s JX850 Series 4K LED Android TV™ has HDR Cinema Display and features advanced technologies such as HCX Pro AI Processor, which helps create better quality images. It’s a unique backlight technology that delivers high-contrast pictures and the best performance for fast-moving scenes. The HCX Pro AI Processor provides unprecedented image quality for live sports action by eliminating any motion errors in the picture.

Panasonic TVs also come with dynamic picture quality for all content. Viewing in the “Sports Mode”, automatically adjusts the picture and sound quality, offering a live stadium experience with vibrant audio and images, such as the field grass, fans’ cheering, and echoing in the venue. Images and audio are processed to match the passion in the ground amplified by the sense of realism offered by Panasonic’s advanced TV technology. Panasonic 4K TVs feature Dolby Atmos® technology that delivers excellent sound adding to the immersive experience provided by the engaging images.

Panasonic has supported the values of the Olympic Movement and the transmission of live images to the world as an Official, Worldwide Partner in the field of audio and video equipment since the Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada, in 1988. In 2006, Panasonic also became the first Official, Worldwide Partner of the Paralympic Games.