Easy ways to reduce Carbon FootprintIt is time to become serious about carbon emissions and the effect they have on the environment. It is seen that the carbon emission is becoming a severe environmental threat now. If it is not checked at this moment, it is sure to take a serious turn in the near future.

Here are some quick and easy ways to cut back on your carbon emissions. They will help you save the environment and money

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Easy ways to reduce Carbon Footprint

Easy Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint

1. Cut Your Home Energy Consumption

Turning down a thermostat by just one degree centigrade saves an amazing 10% on your fuel bill each year. Have a bit of a carbon spring clean of your home. Add more insulation, block up some annoying drafts, make sure are in control (add a time switch or thermostatic radiator valves) and be aware that each hour a boiler fires it will have released 5kg of CO2.

2. Switch to Green Electricity

Switch now to Good Energy, Green Energy etc., and you instantly lose two to three tonnes off your footprint.

3. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The latest high performance (energy efficient and long life) light bulbs are amazing. They come in every shape and size, including exact replicas of the old fashioned bulb. They do not flicker, they come in soft-tone, they start up instantly and they look cool. Each bulb you plant saves at least 100 kg of CO2. Try using CFL bulbs to reduce your electricity consumption

4. Know How Much Electricity You Are Using

If you knew how much electricity you were using you would switch off a few lights and turn off TVs and radios that are standby. Turning off electrical items you are not using can rapidly deliver help you to save lot of energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Get a Car that is Environment-Friendly

Low carbon is low cost in every sense. Road tax, insurance rating and fuel costs all tend to go together. When you buy - or rent - a car make sure you get one with CO2 emissions.

6. Use Your Car Less

Consider how good it would feel to walk once in a while - or bike it. Rediscover the joy of public transport or use a carpool to go to the office. Long distance off peak rail is great for unwinding and having a quiet time. Give that steering wheel a break once in a while.

7. Change Your Driving Style

Drive more slowly and consider car sharing with someone else who is going to the same place as you.

8. Consider Flying Less Often

Try to fly less (some people are deciding not to fly at all) and refer to go by other means of less energy consuming transport system. Stay longer when you fly long distance. Combine two trips. If you go far-flung on holidays do it less often.

9. Get Radical

Once you have done all the basics, start to think about what the sun and wind could do for you. Install a solar panel or a wind turbine or some other alternative energy resources for daily use.

It is not easy to reduce carbon emissions in a single day. For this one need to understand the severity of the problem and become aware of the individual roles and responsibilities. By seriously altering the habits one can make a significant contribution towards reducing carbon emissions.