Yaber, a pioneer of entertainment projectors, introduces its latest innovations, the Projector T2/T2 Plus to global consumers today. Combining best-in-class technology and audio excellence with its partnership with JBL, the T2 Series is a portable entertainment projector with native 1080P resolution and industry-leading sound quality. Building upon the success of last year’s Yaber K2s at-home-cinema projectors, the T2 Series aims to revolutionize the outdoor experience for ultimate entertainment seekers everywhere. Furthermore, with built-in batteries, the versatile T2 Series will be the heart of at-home movie marathons, weekend camping trips and outdoor picnics alike.

The T2 Series projects 450 ANSI Lumens of brightness and native 1080P resolutions, creating seamless moving pictures even with background lighting. What’s more, with a projection range of 40” to 120”1 and intelligent auto-correcting technologies, customers can cast great image sizes onto uneven surfaces like the side of their camping van and still get crisp details with accurate scaling. This powerful video system coupled with dual JBL speakers with Dolby Audio support creates one of the most balanced audiovisual systems in its class rivaling even the most high-end portable systems.

The Projector T2/T2 Plus has an in-built battery which supports up to 2.5 hours of battery life for movies or 18 hours of Bluetooth-connected music, making it the longest-lasting music player amongst projectors in its class.

Yaber Projector T2/T2 Plus

To protect the T2 Series from accidents and damage, innovations and upgrades were made to ensure the projector remains sturdy on the go. Highlights include Yaber's unique air ventilation system which helps reduce overheating. A functional handle that can rotate to brace the projector from the ground and avoid shakes from sudden movements. The handle can also be further rotated to lift the projector up to 15° off the floor to provide extra projection range. Plus, a fully sealed optical engine that stops dust accumulation to ensure longer-lasting, crystal clear visuals.

Embracing modern minimalism, the Projector T2/T2 Plus adds style and elegance to the party as it draws attention through its alluring yet cheerful design with soft curved edges, warm color palette and sleek aesthetics.

The Projector T2/T2 Plus also saves the time and hassle of making additional setups. Upon placing the projector in its desired spot, Yaber’s intelligent software will automatically fit the screen to its destination with automatic focus, keystone correction and obstacle avoidance and screen alignment for convenience and hands-free projection. The settings menu and remote control can be used to make further manual adjustments.

While the T2 and T2 Plus share the same specifications, the Projector T2 Plus is available for purchase in physical stores and on the Yaber website, bundled with a Google TV Dongle and remote control that supports Google Assistant. Customers can access the official Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube and over 7,000+ apps through the Google TV Dongle. The Projector T2 is an online exclusive with options to add-on purchase the dongle.

Connect the projector T2/T2 Plus to a smartphone via the Yaber App for seamless screen mirroring, remote control, and NFC.

Availability and Price

The Yaber Projector T2 starts at USD 299 and can be purchased on Amazon stores. Yaber Projector T2 Plus starts at USD 349 and is available in physical stores as well as on the Yaber official website. This marks the first time that purchasing is enabled on the Yaber official website. Prices may vary by time and country.

The Yaber Projector T2/T2 Plus will debut in the US market on June 25, 2024 (EST), followed shortly by global availability. Currently, there is a user customization activity and exclusive discounts available on its Amazon US store.