Here is a great way to know that how young you are using the Mosquito Tone. Well, if you do not know then a a "Mosquito Tone" is just a 17KHz sine wave which sounds like a mosquito. According to studies, usually 30+ years old people can't hear much above the 13-14KHz range. Check out the infographic chart given in the end of the post to know hearing capacity according to the age.

Mosquito Tone Test, To Know If You're A Young One

Below a test is given having the audio range of 11-18 KHz. Just play all these one by one and check that upto which level you can hear the sounds clearly. All of these are 5 second mp3 files. Just click on the Play button to listen a frequency.

Well, I am in my 20s and I was able to listen all of them. Now, you take this test and please share your result with all in the Comments. Thanks

Note : Do not keep the volume too high as they are high frequency sounds.

The Mosquito Tone Test

11 KHz
12 KHz
13 KHz
14 KHz
15 KHz
16 KHz
17 KHz
18 KHz

Hearing Capacity Of Humans According To Age (Infographic)

Mosquito Tone Test, To Know If You're A Young One