Few minutes back,I was going through my inbox and suddenly something caught my interest. It was a mail from my twitter account about the person who are following me now. I usually never look at them and delete all Twitter mails in one go. But this one was different. The subject of the mail was..... Mahatma Gandhi is now following you on Twitter! .... (Click on the pics to see it in full size)
I was just shocked, laughed a bit first and then opened the mail to check it and found this.

Then I checked the profile of so called Mahatma Gandhi ( If you will notice then , you can see that the username is having one extra I in Gandhi )and found this info.
First I thought to flag this profile as Spam then later I felt that the owner of this profile is a fan of MAHATMA GANDHI and want to spread his message with the help of Twitter. So, I am not gonna do anything against him but gonna ask him to edit the profile and username a bit instead of using the name of him. You can visit the profile mentioned in this post from the link given below.


And I would like to know the views of you all that what you feel about this profile? Feel free to drop comments here on the blog or send me tweets on Twitter..... Have Fun