EPIC 1.1 Browser

EPIC, the first Indian browser, just released their latest version EPIC 1.1. Lots of improvements and bugs are fixed in this latest version of EPIC browser. Few of the major features of EPIC 1.1 are given below.

Epic Version 1.1 Update : Summary of Major Changes

* 3.6.7. : Epic is now updated to Mozilla Firefox 3.6.7.

* Faster Load Time : Epic should start up even faster now.

* Anti-Virus Scanner : A number of tweaks were made to make the anti-virus scanner more stable.

* Games : The Games sidebar now works.

* Home Button : You can now add a Home Button to Epic via the “View” drop-down menu.

* Bookmarks Bar (permanency and color on dark themes): We fixed the bug in which the bookmarks bar was being hidden upon closing Epic despite a setting to the contrary. EPIC 1.1 also fixed the bookmark bar text color problem with dark themes.

* Cricket : Cricinfo has been added as a source of commentary and live scores.

* Recent Skins : Epic now stores the ten skins you’ve used most recently.

* Offline handling of Skins : Skins will still show up if you’re browsing offline.

* Sidebar in Epic Popups Fixed : The sidebar is no longer seen in Epic Popups.

* Address Bar Flickering : Problems with address bar flickering have now been solved.

* Added Crash Protection

* Wordpress Interaction with Indic Transliteration : You can now safely create blog posts at WordPress without problems from Epic or the in-built Indic language tool.

Note : To Ensure Maximum Stability, please download the latest version of the Flash Player (be sure to un-check the McAfee Security Scan Plus if you don’t require it).