Social Media is one of the most important part of everybody's life and we spent lots of time on various social networking sites for personal and professional work. One of the heavily used social networking site is Twitter and people spent lots of time there.And here is a tool now available to see how much time you spent (Wasted, in terms of the tool) on Twitter.

TweetWasters : How Much Time You Wasted on Twitter is the tool to know how much time you wasted on Twitter so far. It is also having a "Hall Of Fame" list of top time wasters on Twitter ;)

Quick Glance of TweetWaster

* Find how much time you wastes (spends, ok now) on Twitter

* Or any other user's time wasted on Twitter

* Only username is required

* Hall of Fame - List of top 100 twitterwasters

* Keep wasting your time... because we love Twitter