12 Ways To Tweet More Than 140 Characters Twitter is a great social networking site. But one of the restriction there is that a single tweet can't be of more than 140 characters. But sometimes, we really need to say more than that without splitting the content in more than one tweet.

That is why, here I am sharing the 15 ways to tweet more than 140 characters on Twitter.

15 Ways Of How To Tweet More Than 140 Characters


Jumbo Tweet is a service which let you post a tweet upto 65,000 characters in a single tweet which is the higher than any other service. Jumbo Tweet is also having its own URL shortener too.

15 Ways To Tweet More Than 140 Characters


Using Maxi Tweet, you can send a tweet of up to 200 characters


Twuit helps you to send tweets on Twitter with more than 140 characters. And the best thing is that there is no text limit. The long message will be divided into two or more short tweets. Besides, it also makes a translation for Twitter in any other language before sending.


On XL Tweet, you can use unlimited characters to crates a unique webpage of your tweet and send first 120 characters of tweet with bit.ly URL for unique webpage


Get tweeted with more than 140 characters along with make money online with twitter options on Tiny Paste. Just sign up and add your PayPal account and start sending tweets using their applications and make money of $0.005 for every unique click gets on your link


Twitter Contd gives you the power of to tweet 1250 characters and upload photos to TwitPic, Shorten URLs, and Top Current Twitter Trends.


Now, just cut down the size of your Twitter tweet by using common abbreviations in the sms manner, Such as to use “ur” for your”, “u” for “you”, “c” for “see”, and so on.


Twiffo uses Twitter Oath & lets you tweet 14,000 characters which creates a unique webpage for the tweet posted on Twitter with link.


Twitlonger is an easy way to post long messages to Twitter . Write your tweet and they post the link to Twitter for you using Twitter Oath


Using Twit Wall, you can embed your favorite videos and widgets, upload your photos, mp3 music or podcasts and all in the tweet. Just the kind of stuff which helps to keep your followers following


Just another tool for tweeting longer than 140 characters


Just write and save text on Txt B, and then you will get a shortened URL which you can share with your Twitter friends to read the full text. And the best thing is that no registration is required.


Tweet Compressor makes your tweets shorter by replacing groups of two or three letters with a single character that looks the same just as you do while typing a sms in your mobile.


It splits the longer tweet into many tweets of 140 characters and post them one by one.


Twittlot is a service that lets you communicate against the 140 character specification, it allows you to send out tweets of more than 140 characters easily. To make use of this app, all you need to do is sign into the app as you would do whenever you want to tweet about something, and then go ahead and proceed to write the “expanded” tweet. Once you are done with the above procedure all your need to do now is simply send out your tweets in the usual manner.