TWITTER is the very popular social networking sites. And that is why, the security of Twitter profile is really important for its user. Twitter only lets you see your most recent 3,200 tweets. Unfortunately, Twitter provides no facility to have a backup of your Twitter account. But, there are few tools available for this and here I am sharing few of the best ways to have a backup of your Twitter profile.

1. Twitter Backup

Twitter Backup is a service that downloads all of your tweets and stores them in a XML format. So, that, you can always get back your tweets from the stored XML file.

2. Backup My Tweets

As soon as you sign up with Backup My Tweets, they'll backup your existing tweets and check every day for new ones.

3. Tweet Backup

Tweet Backup let you have the backup of both your tweets and friends. So, you can get back these details if you anything wrong happens with your Twitter account. The backup process Tweet Backup is carried out on a daily basis, and you do not need to install any application etc. Also, Tweet Backup does not ask for your Twitter password to use their service.

4. Tweetake

Tweetake uses Twitter's OAUTH and gives you the facility to download and save your Twitter followers, friends, tweets and all info on your computer's hard drive.

5. Backup Twitter Account With MK TWITTER

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