There are lots of plugins available for the Wordpress blogs which helps the blogger very much. And since Twitter is an important part of any blogger and blog for its success, here I am sharing the 9 must have Twitter plugins available for the Wordpress blogs.

9 Must Have Twitter Plugins For Wordpress Blogs

1. Tweetbacks for Wordpress

This plugin imports Tweets about your blog post to your blog as comments and show that how popular your blog post is.

2. Tweet This

This plugin allows you to add a “Retweet This” button at your blog posts. Visitors can tweet your blog posts using this.

3. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter allows you to show the number of Twitter followers that your blog has. See the upper right hand corner of the screen on this blog for an example.

4. Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools let you post tweets from your blog and the wp-admin panel. You can also archive your tweets and create blog posts from each of them. You can even create a weekly or monthly digests of all your tweets. So, it is a must have plugin for all serious bloggers

5. Twitter Widget

It is based on the Javascript from Twitter and show your Tweets on the blog.

6. Twitter Blaster

This plugin lets your visitors update your Twitter stream which is an awesome stuff.

7. Twitter Feed

Just like Twitter Tools, its a feature rich plugin for all things Twitter. It allows prioritization, ordering and filtering of tweets.

8. Top Twitter Links by TwittURLs

It displays the current top posted Twitter links.

9. TweetMeme

The TweetMeme button plugin allows you to easily integrate the TweetMeme button into your WordPress blog. The plugin will put the button into both your content and your feed