There are lots of add-ons and plugins are available which helps in a better user experience. MacroTube is a free add-on which gives you a nice experience of enjoying YouTube and other video sharing sites in your Windows Media Center.

MacroTube integrates directly into the Windows Media Center menu system and provides easy access to YouTube, DailyMotion and MSN Soapbox videos. Just install the MacroTube on your computer, and you can use it directly in Windows Media Center without a restart.

HOW TO : Play Youtube Videos in Window Media Center

It’s available as an option in the main menu. After selecting that which video streaming website (YouTube, Dailymotion, or MSN Soapbox) you want to access, it’ll bring you to a screen displaying the latest videos from the selected website. It also plays the videos in full screen.

Click Here To Download Download MacroTube Add-0n