Here I am gonna tell you that how to create a simple virus in the Windows operated computer systems just for fun. It is a very simple trick and you can do it in just a minute.

For more fun, you can keep this file in any computer, which you can access, in a far-off folder. For that first of all rename the file and make a shortcut to desktop. Now, just hide the original file and change the icon of the shortcut to that of My Computer, My Documents or any popular icon. And rename it according to that and delete the original icon and link from the desktop. Now when someone will try to open it then hard disk will format ;)

HOW TO : Create A Virus In Windows

HOW TO : Create A Virus In Windows

1. Copy the number given below and paste it in a Notepad file


2. Now save the file as any name and put the extension as .exe like, ‘whateveryouwish.exe

3. When somebody opens this file then, the hard disc format will format.