Every day, entire forests are cut down to make paper. Paper that’s senselessly used to print out documents all over the world: websites, emails, even entire books, in spite of the fact that it's easy to avoid printing by saving the document as a PDF. But even PDF>s can sometimes also be printed out. So to stop unnecessary printing and encourage a new awareness about the use of paper, WWF developed a new, green file format: WWF format.

The WWF format is a PDF that cannot be printed out. It's a simple way to avoid unnecessary printing. So here's your chance to save trees and help the environment. Decide for yourself which documents don't need printing out -- then simply save them as WWF.

WWF PDF Format To Save Trees

It is a format that can’t be printed out. A simple idea that saves trees. Join in. Decide for yourself which of your documents don’t need printing - and save them as >WWF. It can help so much in the green computer use.

Download WWF PDF Software for Windows - http://www.saveaswwf.com/fileadmin/user_upload/wwfPlugin/SAVE_AS_WWF_103.zip

Download WWF PDF Software for Mac - http://www.saveaswwf.com/fileadmin/user_upload/wwfPlugin/SAVE_AS_WWF_1.0.pkg.zip