Nintendo is soon going to launch the Nintendo 3DS , the 3D version of their popular portable video game system. Nintendo 3DS will be available in the US from March 27th with a price tag of $250. As the name suggests, Nintendo 3DS will be having 3D capability and many impressive features like 3.5-inch top screen and a 3-inch bottom screen, a motion sensor, gyro, an analog nub, three cameras . The best thing about Nintendo 3DS is that you do not need to use any 3D glasses The top screen displays 3D visuals to the naked eye.

Nintendo 3DS is having many preloaded games, 3 cameras for the 3D effect and music player which gamers can also use to listen their MP3 or AAC music files. Later an upgraded Internet browser will also be available via a system update. You can also select the level of 3D which you want to enjoy with the 3D Depth Slider .

Watch the video about Nintendo 3DS

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