To use the computer or any application properly, it is always nice to know the keyboard shortcuts. Earlier I posted the 24 Awesome Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts and Hidden Gmail Shortcuts.

Firefox is one of the most popular web browser and recently the Firefox 4 came out which is a big hit now. It is also one of my favorite browser. So, here I am sharing the 30 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts which every Firefox user must know. It improves the user experience and also helps in faster work.

30 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

These 30 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts are in different sections according to a particular work. If you know any other important Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts then please, share them in the Comments.

30 Important Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Page Navigation Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts for Firefox helps you to navigate quickly and easily around a web page, most with only a single keystroke.

  • Spacebar :Page down one full screen at a time
  • Shift + Spacebar : Page up one full screen at a time
  • Down Arrow : Scroll down
  • Page Down : Page down one full screen at a time
  • Up Arrow : Scroll Up
  • Page Up : Page up one full screen at a time
  • End : Go to the Bottom (end) of the page
  • Home : Go to the Top of page


These useful Firefox keyboard shortcuts helps you to quickly perform different common tasks within Firefox browser, manage Tabs and access saved bookmarks in the browser

  • F5 : Reload the current page
  • Alt + Home : Go to home page
  • Ctrl + L : Go to the Address bar
  • Ctrl + K : Go to the search box
  • Ctrl + = : Increase the text size, zoom in
  • Ctrl + - : Decrease the text size, zoom out
  • Ctrl + P : Print the current page
  • Ctrl + H : Opens the Browsing History in a column on the left
  • Ctrl + T : Open a new tab
  • Ctrl + W : Close current tab
  • Ctrl + Tab : Rotate forward to the next tab
  • Ctrl + Shft + Tab : Rotate back to the previous tab
  • Ctrl + 1-9 : Choose a number to jump to that specific tab
  • Ctrl + B : Open Bookmarks Column on Left
  • Ctrl + I : Close Bookmarks Column
  • Ctrl + D : Create a bookmark for the current page

Mouse + Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the shortcuts for the Firefox browser using the mouse and keyboard together.

  • Shift – scroll down : Go to the previous page
  • Shift – scroll up : Go to the next page
  • Ctrl – scroll up : Decrease the text size, zoom out
  • Ctrl – scroll down : Increase text size, zoom in
  • Middle click on link : Open the link in a new tab
  • Middle click on a tab : Close the tab