Blogger/Blogspot is a free and one of the most popular blogging platform. Everyday many people create blogs on Blogger. But there are few restrictions and limitations also on the Blogger blogs which every Blogger/Blogspot blogger must know.

Here I am sharing the complete list of all of the restriction and limitations of the Bloggers blogs which you can use to work perfectly on a Blogger blog.

Blogger Limits & Restrictions : A Complete List

blogger limits

Account Limits On Blogger

  • Maximum number of blogs : 100 per account.
  • "About Me" info length in blogger profile : 1,200 characters.
  • Profile Interests and Favorites : Maximum 2,000 characters in each of these two fields
  • Number of blogs to follow : 300 blogs per account.
  • Dimension of an image : 1600 px wide. If image is larger then it will be scaled down after uploading
  • File size of an image : No limit. 250KB through if you are publishing an image using Blogger Mobile.
  • Capacity of image hosting on Picasa Web Albums : 1024MB per account.So, if you are planning to start lots of blogs then, it is better to create separate accounts for them.
  • Image hosting bandwidth : Unlimited

Blog limits

  • Length of blog title : 90 characters max
  • Length of subdomain name (as in the URL, : 37 characters
  • Length of the blog description : 500 characters max
  • Number of members : 100 member invitations per blog
  • Number of readers : 100 per blog (for a private blog)
  • Number of posts : Unlimited
  • Number of static pages : 10 static pages per blog
  • Number of labels, tags or categories : 5000 per blog maximum

Post limits

  • Length of post : Unlimited
  • Size of post : Unlimited
  • Number of labels : Maximum 20 unique labels can be assigned per post.
  • Number of comments : Unlimited
  • Length of post filename in the post link : 39 characters

Other limits

  • Label length : 200 characters per label/tag
  • Comment length : 4,096 characters maximum for a single comment.

If you know any other limits of the Blogger blogs which are not included in this list then, please share them in the Comments section. Thanks