Hope that you still remember the news and the Hand-On review video of the world's cheapest tablet developed by India. The famous $35 Indian tablet is going to come out very soon this month but with a higher price tag of $49.

SAKSHAT, the cheapest tablet, is having impressive features like the 7″ resistive touch screen, open source OS (hopefully Android as stated earlier), 32GB hard disk, 2GB RAM, 2 USB ports, video conferencing facility, WiFi connectivity & multimedia support which gives competition to any latest tablet available in the market.

As the Indian government has announced that first 10,000 units of Sakshat tablets will be delivered to IIT-Rajasthan in the late June. And in the next four months, 90,000 more Sakshat tablets would be made available at a price of Rs 2,200 per device (which is around $45). And the great news for students is that the Indian government will subsidize the cost by 50%, so a student would have to pay only Rs. 1,100 for the device.

So if you are looking for tablet then, just wait a bit and buy Sakshat which is gonna be the world's cheapest tablet.