Sony Ericsson has had some shockers in recent years and has created some severely below par phones in the recent past. So why is the Xperia Arc so good and what has Sony Ericsson done to come back in the smartphone market? Below are the few highlighted features of the Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC which will give you the idea that why Xperia ARC is the flagship product of the Sony Ericsson for now.


Well the Xperia uses a modern version of Android, Gingerbread 2.3. Sony Ericsson has used an older or out of date version on more than many occasions and this has cost them. Gingerbread 2.3 is an excellent operating system and is the best Google have come out with yet. It allows Sony to do a number of things they couldn’t do before. Sony Ericsson< has also scaled down its own user interface, and some of the dreadful features it used in the past are gone. All this is one of the primary reasons for the Arc’s abilities as a phone. Processing power

Just like the recent operating systems used by Sony Ericsson, the processing power of the Arc is also decent. Sony Ericsson have ditched old and under powered processors and given the Arc a decent if still slightly out-dated processor. The 1GHz though is speedy and can deal with most applications and most tasks. Coupled with the above, Android 2.3, it has no problems and really is up there with anything on the market as far as necessary speed is concerned.

Xperia ARC - Sony Ericsson’s Come Back In The Smartphone Market

Shape and Design

The Xperia Arc is beautiful, its near lack of a bezel around the edges and that wonderful curved back come together to ensure Sony Ericsson a design classic. It is also different to the usual, which adds bonus points as Sony Ericsson have made it attractive.

The Arc has a large 4.2 inch screen but feels like nothing of the size as it manages to be barely larger over all even when taking the bezel into account. It’s slimness at 8.7mm makes it one of the smaller top-end touchscreen phones in existence and ensures it feels beautiful to hold.


The Arc’s 8.1 MP camera steals the camera show. It has an Exmor R sensor very similar to the ones found in the Sony compact cameras and it really works together to make a great flasher. This is all coupled with the ability for HD recording. Add to this the fact you play all the footage on a 4.2 inch screen with top of the range BRAVIA technology from the Sony TV range and you are in for a treat.

The BRAVIA technology offers great depth of colour as well as great contrast and evenness throughout the screen. Colours are rich and natural and the flow of movement is excellent. In fact it is up with the Samsung Super AMOLED Plus screen of the Galaxy SII.

Hope that Xperia ARC will help Sony Ericsson in gaining back its lost glory in the mobile phone market.