Computer is a gadget on which we store most of our data. Few of these data can be confidential which we do not want others to see for whatever reason. If you do not want others to access your computer while you are away from it for few moments without shutting it down, then there is a simple screensaver settings trick for the Windows operated computer systems to apply and secure your computer from unwanted access.

This Windows trick is especially good when you are downloading a big file and can not shut down the computer but have to leave computer to do some other works. Follow the steps given below to use the screensaver settings trick to secure your computer from unwanted access.

HOW TO : Lock Your PC Automatically When You Are Away

1. Right-Click on your desktop screen, and then click on the Personalize option

2. Now in the Personalization settings, click on the Screen Saver under the Themes sections.

How To Automatically Lock Your PC When You’re Away

3. Just select the screensaver you want for your desktop, then check the box which shows the text "On resume, display logon screen".

4. You can also select the number of minutes to wait before the screensaver starts when the computer is idle. Now, click on the OK and save your settings.

5. Now whenever you will move the mouse or press a key when screensaver is appearing, you’ll see the normal login screen instead of your desktop. You can enter your username and password as normal to access your computer.

Lock Your Computer Without a Screensaver

If you do not like the screensavers much then, also you can lock your computer when you are away from it without turning on the screensaver. All you have to do is for that is to just select the "None" option from the screensaver list on Screen Saver Settings while following the steps mentioned above. Now your computer will directly switch to the Login screen without showing any screensaver whenever your computer is left for the amount of time you selected while doing the settings.