Android phones are popular mostly because of its awesome apps. Android Market is having a very wide range of free and paid applications which are increasing everyday. Does not matter which types of apps you need for your Android phone, you will get one.

Earlier I have posted lots of Android apps and games already and this time I am sharing something specially for the writers having the Android smartphones. These are the top 40 Android apps for writers. Bloggers can also all these apps to increase their productivity as Bloggers are also writers in one sense.

All these Android apps for writers are categorized in various sections. So, just go through all these and download the perfect Android app for your phone.

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Top 40+ Must Have Android Apps for Writers

Top 40+  Must Have Android Apps for Writers

Writing Tools

  1. Copy Paste It : To copy and paste the texts from one text form box to another

  2. Diaro : Diaro is an awesome password-protected mobile diary for your Android. You can also use the Location and Label tags for better experience.

  3. Just Notepad : It is just a Notepad for Android. The best thing is that even without saving your texts manually, it does saving automatically.

  4. My Writing Spot

  5. >Orange Diary : This mobile diary for Android phone is having lots of customization options like including background, date/time format and audio attachments too.

  6. eML for Dynamic eBooks : Using this awesome application, you can publish your own dynamic eBooks on Windows PC, Macs, Android, iPhone and iPad for free. It is also a very powerful eBook creator and reader.

Reference Tools

  1. Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus 2010 Complete & Unabridged

  2. English Literature Dictionary

  3. FactBook : Using the FactBook Android app, you will have the fast and easy access to the CIA World Fact Book and to United Nations data and statistics.

  4. Grammar Guide

  5. Merriam-Webster’s Vocabulary Builder

  6. The Writer’s ABC Checklist : It is an Android app for professional writers to guide them on preparing and presenting their work to agents, publishers and print media.

  7. Urban Dictionary

  8. Wolfram Alpha

  9. Words That Sell : An Android app to help you in getting more sales

Instructional Apps

  1. Career in Journalism

  2. Get Published : A guide on how to make agents or publishing houses publish your book without rejecting

  3. Publicize Your Book: An Insider’s Guide To Getting Your Book The Attention It Deserves : It is an Android app to develop your social marketing skills

  4. Plug Your Book: Online Book Marketing For Authors, Book Publicity Through Social Networking : An Another Android app to improve your social networking skills to promote your book properly.

  5. Rhetoric and Composition Study : Also a very useful app for students.

  6. Stop Procrastination

  7. Wannabe A Writer? : A complete guide for wannabe writers.

  8. Writer’s Answer Book

Productivity Tools

  1. Aldiko Book Reader Premium : An awesome app to download and read thousands of eBooks on your Android phone or tablet

  2. Business Time

  3. Call Recorder — Total Recall : You can use it as a simple audio recorder or to record calls, which can be a very helpful for interviews.

  4. Document Scanner : You can scan any document with your phone camera using this Android app. It also converts them into PDF and email the PDF document to anyone.

  5. Evernote

  6. Executive Assistant : A very handy interface and time saver tool to quickly check email, text messages, missed calls, calendar events and more.

  7. Goodreads Droid : A social networking site for book lovers.

  8. HandBase Database Manager

  9. Kindle : One of the most popular app for reading ebooks on Android phone

  10. PDF Invoice Generator : A great tool to create invoices on the move. A must have Android app for all freelancers and pro-bloggers.

  11. PrinterShare : You can print directly from your phone to anywhere in the world

  12. Spell Checker

  13. Time Tracker


  1. Poetry : The Basics

  2. Poetry 4 U : This app is for poets and poetry lovers — to read, write and share your poetry with the rest of the world.

  3. Poetry SMS

  4. Poet's Pad - Creative Writing

  5. RhymeNow Rhyming Dictionary : A great Android app for poets to find rhymes quickly from a database of 55,000 English words. You can use this app to compose song lyrics, poetry and polished prose.