One of the hottest topic around the world and social media is about Irene hurricane. There are lots of weather apps available for tracking the weather and the hurricanes. But here I am sharing 5 best Android apps which are specially designed to give you updates about the hurricanes. These apps can really help as you hurricane Irene is very close now.

All of these Android apps are totally free to download and use. You can use these apps to keep track of the Irene hurricane easily. To download any of these apps, just click on the name of it.

Top 5 Free Android Apps To Track Hurricanes

1. Hurricane Hound

Hurricane Hound is a great app for tracking the hurricanes. You can get each storm labeled by the name and predicted path of each. It also provides the storm warning. It can be really helpful in the case of recent Irene hurricane. Only drawback of this application is that it does not provide data regarding the previous destinations of a storm.

2. HurricaneSoftware

It is very much similar to the Hurricane Hound in functionality but it also provides the data of the previously traveled destinations of a storm which helps in understanding the nature of the hurricane and which place can be the next destination of the hurricane

3. Hurricane Hub

An another free Android app to provide you every news of the hurricanes.

4. WPBF Hurricane Tracker

It is a great Android app to keep track of the Irene hurricane, specially for the people living in Florida as it provides the phone numbers and shelter locations of Florida in the case of emergency. WPBF Hurricane Tracker also provides the links of the news stories related to the hurricanes. It is also got the Checklist option for preparing your family, home, pets for the hurricane individually.

5. WDSU Hurricane Central

It is very much same like the WPBF Hurricane Tracker but focused on the Louisiana area. It also provide the Twitter feeds related to the hurricane news.

So, if you want to keep track of the Irene hurricane then these free Android apps can really help you much.