Google is one of the biggest brand in the world and on the Internet. Just yesterday Google bought the Motorola Mobility which proves that Google is planning to expand the business in the field of mobile phones too

But with the rise of the Google, there are lots of controversies about Google are coming out too. Seems like every other brand, competitor, old workers etc. are trying to get a piece of Google's wealth.

Hope that you guys remember that recently an Indian author Arindam Chaudhuri also sued the Google India. Below is an infographic which talks about the lawsuits against the Google from various companies, employees and the common people. There are some funny and weird cases against Google too like a Chinese woman sued Google for showing her undergarments on Google Street View. Well, have a look at this Google Infographic and explore the dark side of the Google.

The Dark Side of The Google (Infographic)

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