Skype is the most popular and the best application for the video chatting. Recently, Facebook started the video chatting on Facebook with the help of Skype. Like any other messenger or chatting application, Skype does not provide the facility of the using more than one Skype account simultaneously. It means you can not login to more than one Skype account on a computer simultaneously. This can be an issue for those people who use different Skype account for different purpose like professional, personal etc. But there is a solution available for this problem

HOW TO : Login Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously

HOW TO : Login Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously

Multi Skype Launcher is an application which let you use more than one Skype accounts simultaneously on a single computer. It also let you record your voice calling. It is a small application of less than 2MB size and works perfectly. So if you want to login to multiple Skype accounts simultaneously on your computer then Multi Skype Launcher is the perfect app for you.

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