The 80's and 90's was a strange old time – think questionable fashion choices, outrageous haircuts, cheesy music, even cheesier films and the boom of video games. Nowadays, video game nostalgia is as relevant in society as musing over Back to The Future, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We all love recollecting on the good ol' days when games were in simple 2D, but look a little closer and you'll notice some of the most cherished video games were rife with political incorrectness. Although video games provided fun for all the family, they weren't always family friendly. Here's five of the most outrageous examples.

Top 5 Politically Incorrect Retro Video Game Characters

Ash - Bare Knuckle 3 (Streets of Rage 3)

Although removed from the western version – but still accessible using a cheat function - Ash from the game 'Bare Knuckle 3' (Streets of Rage 3), is an oversimplified conception of a homosexual character. Looking like a member of the 70's pop group 'The Village People' the character wears tight fitting trousers and when defeated he cries, performs a jeté over his opponent and covers his mouth whilst giggling. I'm sure that the gay community would argue that this is stereotypical and therefore politically incorrect.

Don Flamenco - Punch Out!!

Top 5 Politically Incorrect Retro Video Game Characters

Originally from the Nintendo series of video games 'Punch Out!!' from 1987, Don Flamenco appeared as a Spanish boxer. At the beginning of a fight he dances towards the center of the ring to Hanberra from Carmen in a very effeminately manor. Don Flamenco then went onto appear in the Wii version where his character was turned into a matador who wears a toupee, holds a rose between his teeth and is obsessed with his looks. Criticized as stereotyping the Spanish, Don Flamenco has been described by Games Radar editor Mikel Reparaz as "the latest example of a stereotype Spaniards have struggled against for centuries."

Leather Clad Dry Humping Men - Crime Fighters 2 (Vendetta)

Similar to Ash from 'Bare Knuckle 3', described above, the 1991 Japanese version of Vendetta includes men clad in leather and displaying their hairy chest. Innocently walking up behind you they then attack you by dry humping them from behind. This bizarre incident ultimately leads to your life bar draining away followed ultimately by death. It gets even stranger when there are two of these odd characters on screen, with the second weirdo performing the dry-hump routine on a lamppost, shaking it so much that the bulb falls out, hitting him on the head and killing him.

'Rice Eaters' - Chew Man Fu

With 550 levels, the aim of game Chew Man Fu is to rid the world of egg rolls, fried rice and other Chinese national dishes. Unbelievably, the Asian characters in the game are given the nickname "rice- eaters"; a blatantly stereotypical and derogatory term once used by US soldiers to describe their enemy fighters during the Vietnam War.

Marian - Double Dragon

With many variations produced for all the different games consoles available during the 1980's, Double Dragon was a hugely popular game. It tells the story of twin brothers who must fight their way through the ganglands of the Black Warriors in order to save their common love interest - a women called Marian. The character, Marian, is portrayed a sexy young women dressed in a tight mini skirt - start the political incorrectness – and at one point gets punched in the face and tossed over a bad guys shoulder. At this point Marian's knickers are exposed leaving very little to the imagination! To add insult to injury, if two players manage to complete the game together then both are forced to fight each other to determine who will win the affections of the games leading lady.