If you can't live without your Android then you may as well make it work for you. When it comes to traveling, your Android can be your best travel buddy. Download some of these awesome travel Android apps and you'll always be in the know when it comes to the best restaurants, caf├ęs, clubs and sights in every city you visit.

Top 7 Travel Apps For Android Phones

Top 7 Travel Apps For Android Phones


This 'does everything' travel app is a must have on your Android phone. Utilising GPS, Google Maps and Wikipedia it tells you where you are and everything there is to see and do in the area from the trendiest night clubs to the most fascinating museums and even times and location of local public transport. Simply point your device in any direction and the information will appear as if by magic!

Speedy Marks Translator

If you aren't fluent in 23 languages then fear not. This natty app provides you with a handy translation tool into and from various languages and even helps you with the pronunciation. A must if you're in some far flung places and can't locate a bathroom!

Convert Me

Ever been stuck trying to buy a pair of shoes in Europe with out the faintest idea what size they are? Worry no more. This app converts shoe and clothing sizes, currency and lots lots more. A must on any international jaunt.


Avoid the queues and traffic congestion with this app that guides you through the quickest and quietest routes around. It also comes in handy when local taxi drivers decide to give you a scenic tour of the city then charge you accordingly. Now you can politely point out the most direct route to your destination and save yourself a fortune!


If you're planning a long term trip, perhaps a round the world expedition, then it is prudent to keep track of your finances. Instead of keeping every receipt from every purchase you make, simply enter the details into this app and it will calculate and keep track of your budget for you so you know when it's time to splash out on that lavish hotel or to find a part time job.

Trip Journal

If you want to keep a log of all your travels, experiences, where you've been and what you've seen, to share with friends and family, now you can with Trip Journal. Photos, videos and notes can all be stored on this handy app then shared via Twitter and Facebook to make sure that your friends don't forget about you as you circumnavigate the globe.


This super fast travel Android app lets you search thousands of flights and get the best online prices around. Searching over 600 airlines, you're sure to find the best deal going. You can email flight details to yourself, to use at a later date, share your flights with friends, go directly to the booking site to purchase your flights and it works in 23 languages! The app uses the same friendly interface as the main website, allowing you to search for the cheapest flight that month or year. You can even find the cheapest airport to leave from or arrive at.

For example, if you're flying to Canada from the UK, a quick search on the main Skyscanner website (or via the Android App if you've already downloaded that) shows that Toronto Pearson and Halifax are generally the cheapest. On the move and on a budget, this handy little app can prove very useful for getting around at the cheapest price possible.

A word to the wise. If you're planning on taking your phone traveling with you, it's best to download these apps beforehand. Data roaming charges can be expensive and can really eat into your holiday budget if you're not careful.