Facebook is coming out with new features each and every day to survive this battle of social media domination with Twitter and Google Plus. Just a day before, it launched the Smart Lists where you can list your friends according to demographic. And now Facebook just launched the Facebook Profile Subscription button which will provide you the features of Twitter and Google Plus.

Facebook Launches Profile Subscription Buttons

For example, if you will visit my Facebook profile then you will get a Subscription button as shown in the image above. Facebook Profile Subscription button gives you the ability to subscribe the updates of a Facebook user without adding him/her in your profile as a friend. It sounds very much like the Twitter and Google Plus where the relationship can be one way.

Facebook Launches Profile Subscription Buttons

By using the Facebook Profile Subscription button, you can avoid all those stupid updates from the stupid Facebook apps which your friends used to send in your stream. For now, Facebook Profile Subscription buttons are having three subscription options - receive all updates, most updates or only important updates. You will also have the option to select the subscription updates out of Life Events, Status Updates, Photos and Videos or Games.

So, now you can handle your Facebook profile much better and can get rid of the useless updates in your stream. Enjoy :)

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