Tron was not a huge successful movie but what won the heart of everybody is the Tron Light Bikes shown in the movie. If you like bikes then you would love to have it for sure. But the Tron Light Bikes are not available in market to buy. But few custom bike makers came forward with idea to design a real life working Tron Light Bike and the result is shown below in the image and video.

The Real Working Tron Light Bike (Video)

This is an environment friendly electrical bike. Because of it is bulky design and minimal pivotal angle, it is better to ride this Tron Light Bike on the straight highways. But then you will not get the attention of the people you deserve riding this bike. As you can see that this Tron Light Bike can be a big attraction for all. So if you are a bike lover then, this one is for you

The Real Working Tron Light Bike (Video)

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