Did you know that it is now possible to purchase Google +1's for your Website in bulk orders. This is being offered through various social media services on the Internet. In fact, these websites offers more than just one package, as they have a number of bundle orders that can be chosen from and used.

For example, customers can choose to buy 50 +1’s or even two thousand at a time. The price for this service goes from $0.18 to $0.38 per unit. It goes without saying these website services are in breach of the rules and terms that Google has established.

In simple terms, the reason that Google bans this practice is that it does not help with the user experience in any way, as it basically tricks visitors and misrepresents the real truth. This practice also devalues the purpose of Google as it will not serve up true listings when a users searches for something.

Why Buying Google +1's is a Terrible Idea

It is important as a website owner and online marketer that you avoid services like this, no matter how tempting they may seem. At first glance, it seems like a service that offers thousands of +1’s would give your website a major boost in the search engines, but it will backfire sooner or later.

There is no doubt that you will receive a number of quick votes if you used a service like this, but this is no reason to do so. With the changing Google algorithms, it is now even more important that all your marketing is above board. In simple terms, this could be compared to spamming, although it comes in a different form.

This is not a good idea for SEO purposes, as Google will soon find out that the votes are not unique or real. When this occurs, you can expect your website to drop dramatically, or even be dropped totally from the listings. As such, if you value your long-term business you would avoid these services at all costs.

As we move forward, the quality of backlinks matter much more than the number of links. This is the exact same principle that comes with the Google +1 feature. It is very important that all of your marketing is relevant for your audience, as this is what Google now incorporates into its algorithm.

These days, it is much better to get quality links and votes over a long-term period. Relevancy and consistency are much more important and will give you a sustainable, long term marketing advantage over the latest new trick.