People need to be continually be on the lookout for coupons which are a great way to save on all the things we need to buy each day.

Local Restaurants

Our week starts off with Sunday morning coffee at our favorite local restaurant. One thing I love about the coffee shop is that not only do they serve great coffee, accompanied by awesome conversation, but people leave their inserts for the Sunday newspaper behind. We eagerly gather them up gaining many extra free coupons.

Company Newsletters

On Monday, it is back to work for me. My company releases its company newsletter on Mondays. It’s a great reminder to look at company newsletters that arrive in your email. Often times these emails are filled with money saving coupons. In fact, go ahead and sign up for the newsletters from companies that you do business with or plan on doing business with.

Junk Mail

Tuesdays are a great day for us to stay at home and look at the junk mail. This mail that many people just throw away is often filled with coupons. During the rest of the week, we just throw it all in a box. Then on Tuesday nights we open it all and look for coupons.

How To Find The Greatest Coupons With The Most Savings


Wednesday is church night at our house. As my husband drives to church, I use the Internet on my web phone to look for great coupon buys on eBay. It’s a great use of my time as I often find some real bargains here. After church we read the grocery ads as they come out on Wednesday. Often these ads contain even more coupons.


Thursday nights are another stay at home night at our house. It is a great night to read the magazines. Hidden among all those interesting articles are great coupons. It’s not difficult to save enough money with the coupons for the magazine subscriptions to be free. We also encourage our friends, neighbors and coworkers to give us there old magazines. Often these coupons have long expiration dates.

Couponing Sites

Friday nights at our house we look at couponing sites on the internet. You can find coupons by just doing a simple Google search. This search should pull on alot of different coupons for many different products. We also love reading all the blogs with neat ideas for new ways to find coupons.


On Saturdays we cook supper together. Often times, the packages we use contain great coupons either on the inside of the package or right on the outside. The ones on the outside are easy to grab and pull at the grocery store. The ones on the inside are easy to clip and save while we are cooking.

Couponing is fun. It fits so easily into our lifestyle. We just do what we normally would do anyway, but we keep our eyes open for coupons along the way. That way we can afford to do even more.