Android devices are powerful indeed, but as with any other device that is powerful it takes a lot of a battery life just to be able to show their power. If you do not find solutions for keeping this life as long as possible, you will be left without a device whenever you need it the most. Let's see which some of these solutions are:

How to Make the Battery Life on Your Android Last Longer

Top 5 Tips To Improve Battery Life On Android Phones

1 * First of all consider turning off the WiFi. With many of Android devices you will be offered with WiFi radio, but it is true that this one is not a safe connection, therefore when you need to access other services, you would better turn it off. Letting it on, it will drain the battery life very quickly, not to mention that there are some applications that will detect the signal. These apps will have to be also shut off as they can take a lot of power.

2 * Screen brightness should be turned down. To many of you this might seem unimportant, but the truth is that the luminosity of the screen takes a lot of power. If you don't need, especially with messages and other apps that do not require graphics, it is pointless to let the screen so bright.

3 * Limit the apps that will automatically perform a check up for updates. Android is very frequent used for social networking, such as Twitter and Facebook, which is great. The thing is that the updates will appear automatically draining off the power of your battery. Choose the option of a not-too-frequent updating. The best idea however is to check for updating manually, as in this way you can save the life of battery for longer time.

4 * Access the network whenever is needed. Having limited applications Is not a way to save the battery life as long as these ones will automatically check the internet. It means that the device is still active and as such witness a fast draining of the battery and not know exactly the reason why. Through JuiceDefender application that you can find on the market your connection is turned off automatically is the device is not active with the checking of the network.

5 * Task killer - a word of warning on this application: Various applications available on Android Market boast with saving the battery power while unused apps are closed. This can be a thing to determine you to buy that specific application, but the problem here lies in the way Android is designed to function. Due to this aspect, these applications can not be of too much help.

If there are apps that are idle and do not have anything to do with internet connection, then they can not be a threat to battery long lasting life. Task killer is another application that needs to be turned off as this one will drain as well the life of the battery.