Siri, the most hyped feature of the iPhone 4S is also the most funny part of it. Earlier I have posted a funny video of Siri vs Japanese English which shows that Siri reacts in a very manner to the accent of the Japanese people speaking English. And here I got one more funny video of the iPhone 4S Siri.

When the iPhone 4S Siri meets Siri (Funny Video)

In this video, Siri is talking to an another Siri. It is really hilarious and it really looks like two women are talking in real life on phone. The funniest part is when one of the Siri says " I am OK if you are OK" and the other one replies "Are You?". Watch the video given below. It will make you smile for sure.

When the iPhone 4S Siri meets Siri (Funny Video)

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