The 2011 Korea Electronics Show celebrated its 4th successful year during October 12-15, when it was held at the Korea International Exhibition Center in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Exhibitors from 30 different countries displayed a variety of products from televisions to robotic housekeepers.

This year’s theme, “Be Smart,” focused on the overwhelming popularity of , which also became a tribute to the late Steve Jobs and how Apple has revolutionized the cellular phone industry. 3D display technology was also a major feature of the show, with many companies revealing various improvements that will soon be implemented in next-generation home theater devices.

Samsung, one of the largest tech firms in Korea, showcased a number of exciting products, but the most important of these was the Galaxy II LTE, their latest smart phone meant to compete with Apple’s iPhone. The phone features cutting-edge technology by supporting LTE, which enables transmission up to five times faster than 3G network. Users can now download videos, music and texts with blinding speed. Samsung also introduced a more affordable tablet PC meant to compete with Apple’s iPad.

Hot Girls Taking Picture With Smartphone Camera

Samsung displayed a number of other exciting products as well. They have developed “smart” refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and laundry machines to connect to smart phones. Users can then control their operation through the phone as well as diagnose any problems that occur. Samsung also featured a variety of new recording devices, such as the WB750, a camera that can record in full HD as well as take pictures, thereby eliminating the need to carry both a camera and a camcorder.

LG, another large Korean firm that specializes in HDTVs, made a huge impression by displaying a giant 3D LED screen meant to showcase the company’s latest 3D viewing technology for home theaters. LG is considered to be at the forefront of 3D TVs, which shows with their latest creation – the Cinema display. These screens, which are without glass, instead use eye tracking technology to produce a much sharper 3D image. Since some users have complained of headaches and nausea from 3D screens, perhaps this will help reduce their discomfort.

While Korean companies represented the bulk of the tradeshow, tech firms from other countries also revealed exciting new products. Merck Advanced Technology, a German company that designs liquid crystal displays for devices such as television screens, introduced the OLED. This organic LED will revolutionize LCD HDTV design because it requires no backlight and produces a much sharper image - all while emitting less light than a traditional LED. This will lead to much thinner and lighter televisions with sharper images.

Taiyo Yuden, a company from Japan, also impressed visitors with a variety of “green” products for use in smart phones. Taiyo Yuden DVD-R and CD-R products are often considered to be the best in recordable media due to the high quality materials they use, which is why the eco-friendly components they have introduced for smart phone construction are also expected to be of the highest quality.