The Internet is one of the most important educational tools available to children today. While your child will certainly utilize it for social and recreational purposes, the Internet can also be very beneficial for all his or her educational needs. Schools are integrating the Internet into their curriculum and requirements more and more, with Web-based projects, distance learning through programs like Skype, and providing access to assignments and class materials online from home. Your child can also use the Internet to help hone their basic skills. If your child needs help with his or her writing, here are five web resources he or she can use.

Top 5 Web Resources to Help Your Child Improve Their Writing

Scholastic’s Web site is a premier source for a wide range of educational tools for teachers and students. Its main area is reading, but it has many resources for other subjects like math and science, too. It is a great place to find fun activities to help your child with his or her writing skills. The section for Student Activities has a searchable database where you can find activities for your child based on their grade level. Search for writing activities, and there are many different fun, interactive and informative options. For example, “Writing I Spy Riddle Rhymes with Jean Marzollo” is an activity that uses the popular I Spy series to help kids learn about and practice poetry.

Because practicing writing skills and writing creatively are two important ways to improve writing skills all around, Little Write Brain is a great tool. Here kids can make their own customized storybooks by creating characters and plotlines. It is free, and projects can be saved and revisited at any time. Here kids can develop their passion for writing stories, which will help them practice and improve their skills. is an interactive tool that can help kids organize their writing. When writing an essay, kids can use Bubbl to help visualize and structure all the components of their writing project. It is easy to use, and it is especially useful for kids who are visual learners. To make the most of this site, use it together with your child to help plan out writing projects before they begin.

Read Write Think is another Web site that provides many different interactive activities that help children with their writing skills, as well as skills in other major subjects. The “Letter Generator” is just one example; this activity helps kids learn about writing letters. There are similar programs for other types of writing, like newspapers, poetry, postcards, and fairytales.

This Web site is for parents who don’t mind paying for the extra help their child needs with his or her writing. For $99, parents can purchase an eight-week course for their child. Each course requires at least two hours and one assignment per week, and the child can log on to complete it any time they want to. There are basic, intermediate and advanced courses for all grade levels (elementary, middle and high school) that include topics like grammar, paragraphs and essays. Each child will be assigned to a certified teacher who will help them with their assignments, give them feedback and answer any questions. The teachers also communicate with parents.

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