Halloween is here, and this year you're likely to see everything from scary ghosts and ghouls to exotic princesses knocking at your door or popping up at your Halloween party. However, in 2011, the trending Halloween costumes consisted of superhero outfits, Angry Birds costumes and outfits from the movie "Black Swan."

Trending 2011 Halloween Costumes Came From Big and Smpartphone Screens - Captain America and Iron Man

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Geeks

Superheros Halloween Costume

Although a few adults got in on the action, superheros were biggest for kids in 2011. They're big every year, but perhaps the recent release of films like Captain America and Iron Man and the promise of new superhero movies next year encouraged more kids to dress up like their favorite characters this year. Most children's superhero Halloween costumes were store bought, but some kids still found creative ways to make Spiderman, Superman and Batman costumes from items found at resale and craft stores. Unlike previous years, however, 2011 saw a number of girls wearing male superhero costumes. For example, a number of girls created costumes that invoked a female version of their favorite male superheros. This years trick-or-treaters included a number of Iron Girls and Spider Women.

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Black Swan Halloween Costume

Few people who saw Natalie Portman in the role of Black Swan could forget how she looked in the stunning outfit. The short, glittering black tutu, white makeup with black accents and elegant tiara allowed party goers and trick-or-treaters to sport just the right balance of beauty and evil. The costume was also easily and inexpensively put together -- a short cocktail dress or tutu, Halloween makeup and plastic tiara were all that were required.

Trending 2011 Halloween Costumes Came From Big and Smpartphone Screens - Angry Birds

Angry Birds Halloween Costume

The addictive cellphone game Angry Birds apparently made it out of the tiny screen in 2011. Adults and kids alike dressed up as the game's colorful, flightless birds. This year's Halloween celebrators bought Angry Birds costumes or masks or made them out of fabric or cardboard and paper machet. The birds' bright colors and silly expressions made the costumes easily recognizable and humorous. For many parents, the angry birds costume was an excellent alternative to the violent, bloody or scary costumes their kids often request. Since the game is still one of the world's most popular, kids didn't reject the notion of wearing this nonviolent costume the way they would resist costumes they might see as babyish, like cowboys or fairies.

Like every year, 2011 saw a wide range of Halloween costumes. However, some of the most popular game from the big and the tiniest screens.

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