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Most Google users click on one of the first few links listed in Google's results. If your site isn't toward the top, you're likely not going to get the traffic. The following are 10 free SEO tools you can use to improve your SEO efforts and brief descriptions of exactly what each tool can do for you:

10 Free SEO Tools and What They Can Do For You

  1.'s Keyword Density Analyzer - This keyword density analyzer will help you to ensure you have the right mix of keywords on your website. Simply enter your site's address and it will automatically tell you the frequencies with which each keyword is displayed on your website as percentages.

  2.'s Keyword Niche Finder – Enter a topic and this SEO tool will develop a list of keyword niches you can capitalize on. As with Wordstream's other tools, you are offered 10 free uses of this tool.

  3. - Enter your website's address into the Alexa Ranking website and browse their free web analytics. These include traffic statistics, backlinks, reviews, and much more.

  4. - Feed Validator validates both RSS and Atom feeds. Simply enter your feed address into the website and click “Validate.” This free validator will display a message if it finds any errors with your feed. This is critical if your site wishes to have a feed that draws visitors back to your site, any of whom could share your site's content with others.

  5.'s Keyword Grouper - Simply copy and paste a list of your desired keywords into the online tool and WordStream will group them for you. You can use keywords from SEO analytics reports, keyword suggestion tools, or even pay-per-click search query reports. The website allows you to use this SEO tool ten times for free.

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  7.'s Site Link Analyzer - Enter your URL into the website and this site link analyzer will analyze your site for outbound and inbound links. In part, this free SEO tool can help you determine where your traffic is coming from.

  8. Apogee Web Consulting's Keyword Research Tool - This free SEO tool allows you to research the keywords your competitors' sites use. This can be useful in ensuring your web content is keyword optimized to be competitive.

  9.'s Website Keyword SuggestionsThis website keyword suggestion tool generates lists of keywords specific to your website. In addition to the suggested keywords, the number of search results per keyword is given, so you can make far more informed choices about which keywords to pursue.

  10. - This tool allows you to spy on your competitors' keyword activity, in order to ensure your website is taking advantage of all gaps in their strategies. It will also allow you to find out how much they are paying per click for advertising.

  11. - Website Grader offers a fairly comprehensive analysis of your website. From information about your creative content, such as your blog posts, to information about your current search engine optimization efforts, Website Grader's free analysis can get you started on improving your site's SEO.

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