There are many PC reviews detailing the pros and cons of PCs and Macs. There seems to be a never-ending supply of either support or non-support of both computers. However, the scales are often tipped in favor of the PC for a variety of reasons. While there are good reasons to get a Mac for certain individuals, the choice for the average shopper is the PC. Many consumers opt for a PC time and time again. Here are a few of the top reasons, based on PC reviews, why your next computer should be a PC.

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6 Reasons Why Your Next Computer Should Be a PC

1. PC computers are less expensive than their Mac opponents. If you want a brand new computer for the least amount of money, your best option by far will be a new PC. There are cases where you can secure a used Mac cheaper on an online auction website, such as Ebay, however, it is a well known fact that PCs are much more economical. Dollar for dollar, purchasing a PC computer is your best bet for value as well as quality.

2. There are many more games on PC computers. Avid gamers will agree wholeheartedly with the fact that the choice of games on the PC outnumbers the competition - hands down. Even people who do not consider themselves to be serious gamers appreciate the amount of games available to them on the PC. According to PC reviews, by the time popular games do become available on Mac computers, they are no longer the most sought after game on the market. People have moved on to playing the latest hot PC game title.

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3. PCs have the option to upgrade. People owning a PC often want to increase the functionality of their computer. Upgrades to increase the memory, install a new operating system, or other key improvements are readily available for the PC computer. Utilizing upgrades will help keep your computer up to date with all of the latest features. Many people feel as though they have a brand new computer after adding an upgrade to their system.

4. Most programs are compatible with PCs. Thousands of new software programs are created each year. To access the vast majority of them, a PC is necessary. Almost every program or application in existence requires the use of a PC in order for it to work. This is a significant selling point for the computer.

5. A PC computer can be custom built. This is a great feature that allows people to put together a machine of their own that is fully loaded with customized features. People do not have to be experts in order to build their own computer - there are numerous tutorials available to help. Custom built computers are especially appealing to gamers.

6. PC computers have error reporting. This is a feature that most PC users take for granted. However, the absence of it is noticed when using a Mac - if something goes wrong, there is no error reporting available to help fix possible problems.

These are a few compelling reasons why your next computer should be a PC. To sum it up, they are cheaper, they have tons more games, they are upgradable, they are compatible with most programs, they have error reporting, and they can be custom built