We have always believed that scientific inventions and innovations have constantly endeavoured to make our lives better. They take away the strain we face and make things easier as we go about trying to achieve our dreams and enjoy life. However, if you took a peak at these inventions, you would certainly feel that some people have just too much spare time. The intentions may have been in the right place but, eventually, the outcome was something that no one really wanted.

Top 4 Weird Technology for Homes

Aquarium Sports

So you got a nice aquarium to give your family a soothing presence at home, how about some exercise equipment for the fish now? That’s right, Timmythe Gold Fish can, now, engage its free time in some excellent sporting activities. With 20 different setups and sports for Timmy to enjoy, the Fish Training Kit will allow Timmy to appear at the next Olympic Games.

No longer will your fish be bored as they take on Limbo, Slalom swimming, Basketball, football and much more in this fantastic accessory for your living room aquarium.

Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Imagine getting up in the morning and being forced to exercise every single day – isn’t that the best part about life? Here is an alarm clock that is shaped just like a 10kg dumbbell and is, in fact, a 10kg dumbbell. Oh, it has an alarm clock too that keeps ringing until you swing it, upwards, at least 30 times. Imagine those days when you have to rush somewhere, like to the airport, and are forced to go through with your exercise routine before you can leave – that is just the kind of thing we need.

Exercising muscles without warming up can lead to severe muscle injuries, just wondering if the creators of these people know that!

Reading Material

Almost everyone I know takes reading material to the loo, no matter what time of the day. Some prefer newspapers, others pick up magazines and even reading crucial company reports, in office, can save some precious time. What if you had a retractable table that would help you read while you’re on the throne?

That’s right, this is one invention that every home should have! Not only can you keep your reading material dry and safe, you also get to keep both your hands free. For what, we don’t really know but if you, suddenly, decided to play the violin then, without the Loo Read, you wouldn’t be able to do that now, would you?

Animal Weighing Scales

Now how would this be different from any other weighing machine? Well, to begin with, it tells you your weight in animals! No, it’s not the number of animals on the display that tells you the weight; it’s the kind of animal that’s on it. Its just a regular scale, otherwise, except that once you take your weight, you have to spend the next 15 minutes trying to figure out exactly how much that animal would weigh. So the next time you decide to plan your workout schedule, remember to try to get to a pig by losing at least a dog & a bunny rabbit.

There are plenty of crazy inventions that could find a way into your home if you had the sense of humour or just no sense at all. Either ways, you will find that there are plenty of ways to fill your home with stuff that no one will ever need or use.