There are a lot of apps available for your Android phone. Some are games and entertainment apps that are just for having fun or killing time, but many of these apps are great, useful, powerful tools. These tools happen to be one of the main reasons that many people decide to get an Android powered smartphone in the first place.

There really are a lot of apps, though, and there are many apps that appear to do exactly the same functions. This can make is particularly hard to decide which apps you should download for your phone, especially when you want powerful, reliable tools that will make your life easier.

The following list should help you as you select the best apps that are great tools for you to download and use on your Android smartphone. While these aren’t all of the awesome Android tools out there, this sampling is a good way to get you started making the most of your flexible, customizable Android smartphone.

best android apps

Top Tools for your Android Phone

Brightest Flashlight Free

There are a lot of flashlight apps, and most of them are free, but this one seems to be head and shoulders above many of the rest. When you turn it on, it activates every light on your Android powered phone so that it is as bright as possible. This means your screen, camera LED, keyboard backlight and anything else that could possible flash, glow or radiate on your smartphone. Don’t expect this to be as bright or powerful as an actual flashlight, but this is probably the closest you can get with a smartphone.

Google Translate

You may not have to translate text from one language to another all the time, but when your do, you will love that you have this app already on your smartphone. A great, reliable, often correct Android tool, the Google Translate app is must when you are on the go, especially if you are travelling

Google Search

This top Android tool boasts that it is the fastest search tool for Android, and those who have used it tend to agree. Not only does it search the web, but it also lets you search your phone to find things faster. As you search with Google, not only do you get their high quality search results, but this app also lets you see possible search solutions instantly as you type in your query.

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Android smartphones, like any other computers, are susceptible to threats like malware and viruses. This is why security software is a necessary tool on your smartphone. Lookout Security and Antivirus isn’t the only security suite available for your Android smartphone, but it is definitely one of the best. The basic, feature-rich security suite is free, and there is a premium version that comes packed with even more functions and features to keep your phone protected.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode and QR code scanners have become a near necessity for smartphones, and this one by ZXing Team is one of the best around for your Android. Not only can you scan barcodes and QR codes, but this free app also lets you make your own QR codes so you can share information quickly and easily with others.


Evernote is more than a simple note app, which makes it one of the must have tools for your Android smartphone. With this essential tool you can capture your ideas and inspirations on the go as notes, photos and much more. These are then stored centrally so you can access them anywhere via your Android or even at home or at the office on your laptop or desktop PC.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This top Android tool is a complete scientific calculator, looking and working like the real thing. This app works well, but if you need even more out of your calculator, you can upgrade from this free version. If you want the ultimate in top notch calculating power on your smartphone, you probably will want to spend a bit of money to download the premium RealCalc Plus.