Here are 4 apps for the up and coming and even the already got there. Use them to help get you there or to assist in keeping you there. You know where ‘there’ is. The professional presentations created with these iPad applications can power your work to those new heights.

By enhancing your productivity, new vistas of economic opportunity can come into focus. Load one or more of these apps onto your iPad and show them what you’ve got.

Top 4 Presentation Apps for the iPad

PDF Presenter

PDF Presenteris a simple solution for creating presentations that will display in iOS4or higher. Your presentation can be shown on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPador, with an optional cable, on an external monitor. Create your presentation, comprised of PDF files, email them to your device, get them from Dropbox or iTunes’ file sharing feature.

Forward and back buttons let you walk through your presentation while a sliding lever adjusts your place in the overall presentation. The app includes animated transitions for smooth image flows, of which the default setting is always on the best quality resolution.

Present it

Present it lets you work with your familiar PowerPoint files to show a presentation right from your mobile device using AirPlay or from the supported external audio/video outputs. Before using the PowerPoint files, some initial rendering is required.

The app includes a few proprietary transitions and more are promised from the developer. The app will display what slides are next before they are shown in your presentation. This feature allows you to always be on top of your presentation and to keep things running smoothly.

Presentation Master

Presentation Master has everything that you need to create an effective presentation. The built in help, with video training, guides you towards a robust use of your content. It will make for a superlative arrangement that will win you new business and wow your audience. The app supports multiple languages for international appeal.

Presentation Master has integrated sound features such as the sound test, which will assist in the preparation for your presentation proper. To help ensure that your presentation is a success, the creators of PM have included an instructor Wizard. That extra inspiration is what makes Presentation Master an iPhone app to be reckoned reckon with.


Presentation puts you in control of your work with a view of categories and a fixed page sorter. These and other exciting features, coupled with more styles of text to choose from and colorful fonts make for an optimal productivity app. Presentation can help you to further your career prospects in whatever field or whichever topic of content that elucidation demands by honing the content into an informative and entertaining view. It is customizable for the fullest expression of your talents. The app doubles as a desktop publisher for flyers, announcements and more!