People love Twitter and so, they just love the tweets. Earlier I have posted about how you can print an ebook of your tweets and how to make an infographic of your tweet. This time it is something different but if you like to tweet from the toilet, you will love this too.

Now, you can have the Twitter Toilet Paper in your bathroom. is a site which let you print your own tweets or some other person's tweet on toilet papers. All you have to do is to visit the site, login with your Twitter account, select the tweets and give the order for the Twitter Toilet Papers. It costs just $35 and you will get 4 rolls of the Twitter Toilet Papers.

Twitter Toilet Papers from Shitter

You can select the tweets of your profile, from your timeline and from the list your favorite tweets. You can also select tweets of any other user. It is really a good idea when you just hate the tweets of some particular users or you can select the tweets of your competitor, enemy to just wipe your ass. Lol

So, are you going to get these Twitter Toilet Papers from Shitter in your toilet or not? Well, one thing is for sure that social media has never been so disposable ;)