There are lots of Twitter apps available and there is a new Twitter app which every Twitter user will love for sure. TweetSheet is a Twitter app which converts your Twitter activity in a visual Infographic. Sounds nice, right?

TweetSheet reads the last 3200 tweets of your profile and then analyse things like most ReTweeted tweets, best followers, your geographical impact, your favorite topics on which you tweet about.

Below is an example of the Twitter activity Infographic of my Twitter profile @ShaanHaider

Create an Infographic of your Twitter Activity

It also tell that on how many tweets each month you got the replies back or RT. It will help you in understanding that how much influential you are on the Twitter.

One good thing about this app is that it needs your Twitter credentials as Read Only. So, there will be no tweeting from this app on your account until you do not do it manually. But bad thing is that you can save your Twitter profile activity infographic as an image. You will have to take the screenshot of the page.

Click here to visit TweetSheet and create your Twitter activity infographic